Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Scenic Oval

I picked a good year to take a break from the indoor torture oval and do my speed work in the great outdoors.  Except for last week when the temps dipped to -30 and several windchill days in the -40s I have been able to have some decent workouts.

There is a beautiful neighborhood just over a mile from my home which is actually set up perfectly for a runner nerd like myself.  Its an oval of gorgeous old houses that wind around a river and its  3/4 of a mile loop.  You can imagine the laps you can do around this place with everything from mile repeats to 1200s to 400s and every variation. Its a running geeks dream.  Traffic is fairly low and footing not bad.

The other good thing about this little loop is its near an emergency care establishment which also means washrooms, and water.  You can also add or subtract this loop from your long run depending on how much mileage you need.  Its cool and shady in the summer and a lovely part of the Manitoba Marathon route.

As I did my speed work tonight I was still able to enjoy the lingering Christmas lights on houses, lit up living rooms looking cozy (looking forward to my own homeward bound cool down to my cozy home) the odd person going to the historic library building. Sure beats dodging a zillion teenage speedsters, various large objects being carried across the track and the odd stray soccer ball or gymnast that comes flying at you in the Max Bell building.

I only wish my lazy Florida cat would see the benefit of the fresh air and take a step outside once in awhile.  While I come home all in a good mood and refreshed I am met with an icy stare of when will the grass be green and the birds out.

So far its been a pretty darn good winter for us Winnipeg runners and for marathon training for Manitoba!

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